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Optimize your Internet connection to the maximum extent

February 10, 2019
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Nowadays, having your Internet connection optimized is a priority, especially if we spend hours online. That's why it becomes necessary to make use of programs like SG TCP Optimizer to fine-tune its settings as much as possible.

Improve the speed of your Internet connection

The vast majority of Internet connections can be optimized, because in general when the connection is activated it is configured with the default options, considering that they are the ones that work best. Nevertheless, on many occasions these options are more focused on improving the compatibility that a good service offers. Of course, SG TCP Optimizer is a good program, that is in charge of improving the connection's quality.

To be able to work on the Internet in the best conditions, it's necessary to properly adjust the TCP/IP, MTU, RWIN and even the QoS and ToS protocols. Furthermore, SG TCP Optimizer allows the user to carry out latency tests to be able to check if the signal is improving.

If you think that your connection could work better, think about it no longer, download SG TCP Optimizer, and it will take care of optimizing it as much as possible following the parameters that you indicate.

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