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Hola makes the Internet better, speeding up your connection and allowing you to access services otherwise restricted in your country. Download Hola for free


You can now access Hulu, Netflix and many others

March 18, 2021
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Hulu, Netflix, Pandora... these are just a few of the restricted services for those who live outside of the United States. Many users are left wishing they could enjoy the content of these sites. Now, with Hola, this inconvenience is solved.

Access services restricted in your country.

But this isn't the only function available in Hola. You can also optimize your Internet connection.

Hola's functions

Hola includes two modules that contribute towards making the Internet better.

  • Hola Internet Accelerator. Once the application is installed, simply enable this option to make your connection faster. This will help you browse, as Hola compresses information and stores it in the cache.
  • Hola Unblocker. Activate this module to unblock sites that are geographically restricted. Furthermore, with Hola you can disable firewalls that block access to Facebook, Twitter, etc. in corporations, governments or universities.

Download Hola for free and be able to bypass the restrictions imposed by some websites, without needing to pay for a VPN or carry out complicated configurations.

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