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SiteInFile Compiler can transform a website or full website into an executable file. Download SiteInFile Compiler to access your full website offline


Compile your website as an executable

April 1, 2019
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When it comes to checking if a website works properly it is a rather good idea to have the possibility to access all kinds of contents without requiring access to the Internet at all time, moment in which you can use SiteInFile Compiler.

Transform your website into a customised viewer

With SiteInFile Compiler the user will have the possibility to take the full contents of a website or portal, including images, sound, CSS, JavaScript,... and place it all within an EXE (with an integrated viewer) or SPF (lighter, yet without a viewer) file to be able to have access to all the contents without needing to be online.

Depending on the material which the user is interested in, he/she will have the possibility to customise the data captured by SiteInFile Compiler, eliminating certain types of files from the final programme.

On the other hand, SiteInFile Compiler also has other uses, because it can also be used to create eBooks from an HTML version of any book or create incredible presentations with all kinds of interactive contents.

Download SiteInFile Compiler to transform your HTML files into EXE executable files.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version adds a watermark to the files it creates and may have other limitations.
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