Make your computer automatically update the drivers it needs by downloading SlimDrivers Free. Drivers that are always up-to-date thanks to SlimDrivers

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SlimDrivers Free will help the less advanced users to perform one of the most important maintenance tasks that can be carried out on a PC: update the operating system and drivers. Thanks to SlimDrivers, these two tasks will be performed automatically and securely.

How it works is very simple. Once started, SlimDrivers will start cataloging all our hardware and will search for the system updates and patches that we have installed. After that, it will look for new versions, updates and new patches on the Internet.

Automatic update of all your drivers

Thus, after waiting a few minutes we will obtain a large list in which SlimDrivers will show us the download options and install each and every one of the files that it has thought convenient.

At the same time, it includes a backup tool for the drivers that we have installed, or the possibility to create a restore point before installing a new program or patch.

To sum up, if you don't know your PC and you don't want to complicate things, this software will help you to keep your drivers and operating system updated.

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