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Driver Booster is a tool with which you can analyze your Windows computer searching for outdated drivers and controllers and update them automatically


App to automatically update drivers

April 18, 2024
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At this point, you know what a driver or controller is, don't you? Yep, that software that takes care of communicating the internal hardware or peripheral of a PC (video or sound card, motherboard, keyboard, mouse...) with the operating system. In other words, programs that make sure that everything is running smoothly on Windows. And as any PC can have dozens of different drivers it's always a good idea to have them all updated to the most recent versions to solve possible conflicts or performance problems relative to operating system updates. And to avoid having to go one by one checking and updating each driver one by one, the best thing you can do is download Driver Booster for PC, an automatic driver updater.

Support for over 1 million drivers

This program is capable of identifying and checking over 1 million outdated drivers, downloading the latest versions and repairing those that don't work correctly and cause errors. It offers access to an online database with over 5,000 brands including the main manufacturers such as Nvidia, Realtek or Intel.

A very comfortable way to keep your computer working at full throttle.

Main features

  • Support for hundreds of thousands of drivers.
  • Automatic individual or batch updates.
  • Improve your gaming experience with specific optimization for video games.
  • Faster and smarter download of drivers.
  • Safe updates as it only downloads software certified by WHQL.
  • Customized configuration of updates and system analyses.
  • Step-by-step updated process.

How to use Driver Booster?

If you were wondering how to update drivers of your computer, with this program it's as easy and simple as ever:

  1. Step 1: press the Analyze button to start analyzing the system.
  2. Step 2: the results screen offers your data with outdated drivers. Update them in batches or individually.
  3. Step 3: you can choose to uninstall and export the list of drivers.

This is a free version of the program, which means you can download Driver Booster for PC free. By means of the latter, you can purchase the serial number of the pro or full edition, in order to activate its license. This tool is constantly updated, leaving behind versions such as 3, 3.5, 4, or 4.1, which back then offered excellent performance and that have helped IObit to consolidate its user basis.

What's new in the latest version

  • Adds compatibility with new hardware drivers, including the Intel Iris Xe graphics family and the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 Ti controller.
  • The installation process has been optimized to make it faster.
  • The game controller scan logic has been improved to be more accurate.
  • User interface optimization for a better experience.
  • Fixes all known bugs.
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