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With SnapTube Video - YouTube Video Downloader you can download videos from different platforms such as Instagram or YouTube and convert the sound to MP3

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How to download from SnapTube straight to an SD card

In SnapTube, you can send your downloads straight to your device’s SD card to save internal storage space. To configure these downloads, you simply have to follow these steps:

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How to download faster with SnapTube

SnapTube comes along with different configuration options to speed up the download of videos. To be able to access them and configure the maximum download speed possible, we have to complete the following steps:

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What video resolutions can be downloaded with SnapTube

The video resolutions capable of being offered by SnapTube mainly depends on the source that hosts those videos. In other words, the tool won’t be able to offer us a resolution higher than the source. In the case of being on website that does provide videos in high quality, we’ll be able to download in different resolutions.

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