SnapTube Tips & Tricks: the best advice and help

When three former PayPal employees founded YouTube back in 2005, nobody could even imagine that it would soon become such a huge thing on the Internet. Purchased by Google only 18 months later, it has now become the online video platform par excellence and one of the most visited webs in the world with almost 2 billion monthly active users and over 5 billion videos hosted on its servers.

On YouTube we can find videos about almost anything: music, tutorials, game walkthroughs, movie trailers… But it has a tiny inconvenient: we need an Internet connection to be able to watch all its contents. And as we can’t always be online to access its catalog or simply because we prefer to keep a local copy of our favorite videos, YouTube downloaders started to pop up all over the place, and that also goes for the Android operating system with applications of the likes of TubeMate, iTube, Videoder or Peggo.

But we can’t forget about SnapTube either, one of the most complete alternatives when it comes to downloading the contents hosted on YouTube, not only its videos but also the audio of the latter ripped in MP3 format so that we can expand our musical library. And we say it’s complete because not only does it work over Google’s video sharing platform but also on other services, allowing us to download videos and music from sites of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud or Dailymotion.

Google obviously doesn’t approve this kind of application and, therefore, neither this app nor any other similar tools can be found in the Play Store, having to resort to alternative markets such as Malavida to be able to download and install its APK. Which is also a good reason to draw up this brief guide with the best tips and help to download, install, uninstall, update, and use the app, as well as solutions and fixes to possible problems that may arise during the process.

In this section with tips and tricks for SnapTube we’ll tell you exactly what this app is all about and what’s it for, as well as everything you need to know to explore its menus like an expert and learn how to download contents from all compatible platforms, including your favorite videos from YouTube, the photos you like the most from Instagram or songs directly extracted in MP3 format. Furthermore, we’ll also teach you how to download faster, configuring the app appropriately to reach the highest download speed so that you can get all your videos on your SD card almost instantly.

Likewise, this tutorial with hacks and advice will help you to settle all your doubts about the application such as the supported formats and resolutions, the different platforms on which it can be used or the exact location to which the files are downloaded. Furthermore, we’ll pay special attention to delicate issues such as its security and legality since many users don’t seem to be aware of how illicit it is to download videos that may be subject to copyright. And as always, don’t hesitate to ask us about any question that hasn’t already been answered upon these lines.

What's the difference between the red SnapTube and the yellow SnapTube

There are no differences between the yellow SnapTube and the red SnapTube other than those inherent to the application’s evolution: the red icon corresponds to versions prior to 2018, whilst the yellow logo corresponds to the most recent version. And as we’ve just mentioned, it’s exactly the same app but with the differences inherent to each version, with new functions and features in the newest editions.


How to download from SnapTube straight to an SD card

In SnapTube, you can send your downloads straight to your device’s SD card to save internal storage space. To configure these downloads, you simply have to follow these steps:


How to download faster with SnapTube

SnapTube comes along with different configuration options to speed up the download of videos. To be able to access them and configure the maximum download speed possible, we have to complete the following steps:


What video resolutions can be downloaded with SnapTube

The video resolutions capable of being offered by SnapTube mainly depends on the source that hosts those videos. In other words, the tool won’t be able to offer us a resolution higher than the source. In the case of being on website that does provide videos in high quality, we’ll be able to download in different resolutions.


Why SnapTube doesn't let me download videos from YouTube

On certain occasions, you might find that SnapTube doesn’t allow you to download videos from YouTube but only from other sites. The main reason may be due to the fact that the service isn’t available in the region from where you’re connecting, as we can read in the FAQs provided by the developer. That’s the same reason behind the message that’s sometimes displayed reading This website isn’t available in your region due to the YouTube terms of service.


What websites are supported by SnapTube

For the time being, SnapTube is compatible with twenty-six different websites that offer us videos and audios via streaming. This is the full list of webs according to the downloader’s developers:


How to download pictures from Instagram with SnapTube

Downloading images and pictures from Instagram is very similar to downloading videos. In other words, this possibility isn’t integrated into the app like with Facebook or YouTube. Instead, we have to extract the URL of the publication before being able to download the photos. To do so, we have to follow these steps:


How to download music in MP3 with SnapTube

The fastest way of downloading songs from SnapTube is following this simple method:


How to download videos from YouTube with SnapTube

To be able to download videos from YouTube with SnapTube, you have to follow these steps:


How to download videos from Facebook with SnapTube

To be able to download videos from Facebook with SnapTube, you have to follow these instructions:


How to download videos from Instagram with SnapTube

The process to download videos from Instagram using SnapTube is different to the method used for YouTube or Facebook, which is built into the application itself. For such purpose, we have to complete the following procedure:


What is SnapTube and what's it for?

SnapTube is an Android application to download videos and music from different video sites of the likes of YouTube or Dailymotion, as well as social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. It’s compatible with loads of websites, some of which can be accessed freely, as is the case of YouTube. With regard to the social networks, we’ll probably need to sign up and login with a user account to access and download the videos.


How to use SnapTube

SnapTube is a simple and easy-to-use program that offers us plenty of possibilities. Just take a look:


Is SnapTube legal?

The application is completely legal but that has nothing to do with the use that you may make of it. We have to bear in mind that it’s a client to download videos from the Internet and it doesn’t have to be necessarily used to download videos protected by a copyright. You might simply want to use to download copyleft videos. However, it also allows us to download contents from YouTube and other websites, and these services reserve the right to distribute and exploit those contents once they’ve been shared on these platforms.


Is SnapTube safe?

SnapTube is a safe application in the sense that it isn’t a risk for our device. However, it’s true that its installation doesn’t follow the usual proceedings: on the Applications list we’ll see two SnapTube icons and they both do exactly the same, which is basically opening the application. Furthermore, it also offers us another icon labelled as Music that you never asked to install together with SnapTube. It’s an app to download music but if you don’t want to use it, simply remove it just like you’d do with any other application.


How to uninstall SnapTube

The uninstallation of SnapTube is carried out exactly like any other Android application. We simply have to follow these steps:


How to install SnapTube on Android

To be able to install SnapTube on your Android smartphone or tablet, you only have to follow these simple steps:


How to update SnapTube

To be able to update SnapTube you can resort to different methods, as described in the list below:


How to download SnapTube for iPhone

SnapTube is an application that has been exclusively developed for Android and is only available for this operating system for the time being. It’s true that there’s an application with the same name in the App Store but it’s not the same thing as it’s simply a music player.


November 15, 2018