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SopCast will allow you to view TV channels from all over the world on your computer. Download SopCast for free to watch TV on your Linux distribution

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There are multiple applications that allow you to enjoy different TV channels from all over the world on the Internet, but there is a program which has managed to become the most important on the market: SopCast.

A large part of the fame of SopCast is due to the fact that with this application it is possible to enjoy multiple sports events free of charge, making it have a large user community.

TV from all over the world within your grasp

The use of SopCast is very simple, because once the application is launched it will open a small interface with one part dedicated to the screen and another in which you can load the different channels which are available at a given moment.

Once the user finds a channel that he/she likes, he/she will only have to select it and wait for the application to manage to load the video Buffer to be able to see the signal without any problems and without the image freezing.

Download SopCast for free to be able to enjoy your favorite TV channels on your computer.
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