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Surprise visitors with spectacular Flash animations, thanks to SWiSH Max. Download SWiSH Max and provide more dynamism and interactivity to your website


Get hold of surprising Flash animations for your website

June 12, 2012
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One of the most used methods to provide any website with certain dynamism and interactivity is the inclusion of contents generated using the popular Flash format. To create texts or animation with original effects and sound we can use SWiSH Max.

SWiSH Max is a specific application to created interactive content in Flash, compatible with any platform, that is easier to use than other software like Adobe Flash.

Main features

  • Creation of dynamic and interactive content in Flash for its subsequent inclusion in websites or in presentations.
  • Includes more than 350 predefined effects.
  • Possibility to import images, videos and sounds coded in the most common formats.
  • Availability of its own programming language, known as SWiSHscript, for advanced users.
  • Export the animations to SWF format, originally developed by Macromedia, and that's currently owned by Adobe.

All the things that you can imagine for your website: animations with sound, objects, graphics,... on the tip of your fingers, thanks to SWiSH Max.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires an Internet connection to unblock the application once installed, for which purpose it is necessary to validate the code provided by inputting an email address.
  • The trial version can be tried out for 15 days.
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