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System Stability Tester checks the stability of the system performing calculations from up to 128 million Pi digits. Use System Stability Tester for free


Check your system's stability

July 31, 2012
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Among the tools available to analyze a computer's performance you will now be able to find System Stability Tester. This utility takes care of checking the system's stability by means of the calculation of up to 128 million Pi digits. To do so it uses two calculus algorithms: the Quadratic Convergence of Borwein and Gauss-Legendre, the algorithm SuperPi uses.

The procedure covers two or more processes, comparing the results once they have ended. The differences found are notified. It is also possible to complete a single process, but this procedure will not check the system integrity, something that can become very effective for benchmark tests. Among some of the features of System Stability Tester you can find:

Main features

  • Calculation of 128 million Pi digits.
  • Up to 32 processes.
  • CPU recognition: model, brand and operational frequency.
  • Result checks after each step and notifications if any complications are encountered.
  • Recording of the Pi digits calculation as a text file.
  • Result validation by means of a checksum.

If you want to check your system's stability this is the perfect tool. Check that everything is working perfectly on your computer after downloading System Stability Tester for free.

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