TeamDrive is and online storage service that thanks to its desktop client for PC allows you to synchronize your files and documents wherever you go


Synchronize your data with speed and security

June 6, 2018
9 / 10

Nowadays, jobs are getting more and more decentralized. Each team member has his own computer and they might not even work in the same office. Some years ago, team organization was carried out by means of confusing email chains and if someone modified a file in the middle of an exchange that could lead to a loss of time and productivity. Now, all those problems are long forgotten thanks to cloud storage services of the likes of Google Drive or this TeamDrive that we're reviewing today.

Synchronize and share without worries and fully protected.

With this tool, unlike other online file deposit systems, you'll have to install a program on your PC to access its server. You can go for a commercial account (that you can try out for free for 30 days) or a particular account that you won't have to pay for. This new version of the program that has left TeamDrive 3 in the past, comes along with a simple interface with a rather hostile design, although very professional looking. And not only can you use it on a computer, but also on a mobile device on which you can synchronize your accounts.

Each free account of TeamDrive starts off initially with 2 GB of free space, expandable to a total of 10 GB. To work with this service, you'll have to create a workspace that you can share with whoever you want. There you can create folders and upload files, manage them, write comments on each one of them, share them, enable their offline availability, protect them, encrypt them and check their history and properties.

Another possibility offered by this program is that at any moment you can grant and revoke permissions to check and modify your files, and receive notifications about what other members of your team are doing on the documents within this tool. And what happens to my data if I lose my PC or it gets stolen? Don't worry, you can always delete the data of the lost device so that nobody can steal your personal information.

Is TeamDrive better than Dropbox?

One of the best and most differential features of this German software is that it allows you to encrypt the information that you upload to your account, adding an extra security layer. Furthermore, you've also got the chance to choose between TeamDrive's own storage server or the cloud space of any other online storage service.

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