Cloud Storage for Windows

Store a copy of your important files on the cloud and access them from wherever you are thanks to this online storage software for Windows PCs

Google Drive English
Google Drive

Google's cloud storage service

Dropbox 140.4.1951 English
Dropbox 140.4.1951

Store all your files on the cloud

MediaFire Desktop English
MediaFire Desktop

Share files with your devices and other users

iCloud 7.18.0 English
iCloud 7.18.0

Manage all your iPhone's contents

Google Backup and Sync English

Backups for your files on Google Drive and Google Photos

RaiDrive 2021.12.31 English
RaiDrive 2021.12.31

Manage your Google Drive files from your PC

SendSpace Wizard 1.6.3 English
SendSpace Wizard 1.6.3

Send files to whoever you want

MEGA Privacy English
MEGA Privacy

Access your MEGA account from Windows

MEGAsync 4.2.3 English
MEGAsync 4.2.3

The official MEGA client for PC

MediaFire Express Beta English
MediaFire Express Beta

Access your MediaFire files very easily

4shared Desktop 4.0.11 English

Store your files on the cloud

Mega Desktop 0.75 Beta English
Mega Desktop 0.75 Beta

New client for MEGA

Tonido English

Create your own storage network on the cloud

Send Anywhere 21.4.211415 English
Send Anywhere 21.4.211415

Quickly and safely send files between devices

xCloud English

Share files between a PC and a mobile device

OpenDrive English

Store your data on the cloud

Pogoplug 2016 English
Pogoplug 2016

Online storage service that offers 5 GB of free space

OneDrive 19.152.0801.0007 English
OneDrive 19.152.0801.0007

Microsoft's application for cloud storage

younity 1.6.0 English
younity 1.6.0

Create your own private cloud to access your files from your mobile

Windows Live Mesh 2011 English

Synchronize files and data between PCs and the Internet

Ygoow 2.0 RC 8 English
Ygoow 2.0 RC 8

A simple and stable P2M client

SurDoc English

Store your important data on the cloud

File & Image Uploader 7.9.5 English

Easily upload any file to the network

Minus Desktop Tool 1.8 English
Minus Desktop Tool 1.8

Manage your storage space from the desktop

SpiderOak ONE 6.1.9 English
SpiderOak ONE 6.1.9

Free online 2 GB storage space

Yandex.Disk 4.94.0 English

Store documents, photos, and videos on the cloud

Amazon Zocalo English
Amazon Zocalo

Synchronize your folders on Amazon's cloud

WireOver 110 Beta English
WireOver 110 Beta

Transfer files of any size

Bitcasa English

Your external hard drive on the cloud

Cloudee 1.9.1 English
Cloudee 1.9.1

Store and share your videos online

MegaCloud English

Access all your files from different devices

imollo Beta English
imollo Beta

Share files with your friends

Share English

Unlimited online storage space for your files

DragonDisk 1.05 English

An easy-to-use client for Amazon S3

Dropboxifier 0.1.8 English

Automatically synchronize contents with Dropbox

SendGenie 0.7.0 English
SendGenie 0.7.0

Send all the files you want to your contacts with a single click

YouSendIt Express English
YouSendIt Express

Share and store your files on the Internet as if you were sending an email

TeamDrive 4.6.1 English
TeamDrive 4.6.1

Synchronize your data with speed and security

LolaBox English

The desktop client for

GDocsDrive 3.1 English

Client for Google Docs