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YouSendIt is a service that allows you to store files on a server and share them with other users. Download YouSendIt right now and share files by email

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There are many online storage services, something that works out very comfortable because with just an Internet connection, we can receive any file on the computer of our choice. YouSendIt is a turn of the screw to the concept of online storage. The files are uploaded to an online storage server, and at the same time shared by email.

  This is very useful because what really happens is that the file is uploaded to our storage service and the recipients only receive a download link.

  Obviously, we can manage all the uploaded files to our own liking, and it is even possible to receive new versions of the file from other users.

  The free service is very efficient, the emails with the download links arrive in a very short period of time (it depends on the time it takes for the file to upload to the storage server) and in the case that you need more than the 2GB storage space you receive with the free account, they have paying options available.

  Furthermore, you can choose to get a return receipt or increase the download's security as pay options.
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