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1.19.3 Temple Run for Android will put your reflexes to the test in a fun game in which we have to escape from a temple running non-stop and avoiding obstacles
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It's impossible not to think of the legendary scene of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark if we take a look at Temple Run. It's a game in which, just like Harrison Ford searching for archaeological sites in the Central American jungle, we'll have to escape from our persecutors. We'll do so running around a huge temple and dodging all the obstacles by jumping, ducking down or tilting our phone left and right to go in the right direction.

Jump, turn, slide or tilt your device to avoid obstacles, collect coins or gain new powers.

We're talking about an endless runner game for Android that's very easy to play but that will demand us to be sharp on our reflexes. Thanks to the fact that it can be downloaded for free, its great graphics and playability, and its scarce hardware demands, it has become a huge hit amongst mobile video games with millions and millions of downloads on both Android and iPhone.

During the game, we can resort to a few tricks, tips, and cheats as we collect coins on our way. We can use them to gain powers and improve our skills with the so-called power-ups. Thanks to the latter, we can run faster, jump further and higher or become invincible during short periods of time.

Main features

These are the main features and functions of this arcade game that reminds us of another classic title of the likes of Tomb Raider due to its third-person view and its different settings:

  • Game that's simple to handle and that can be controlled by tilting our phone.
  • Get power-ups for your character and boost his special powers. For such purpose, we'll have to collect coins on our way.
  • Discover different levels and scenarios.
  • Play with up to 7 different characters.

The above-mentioned success of this game has led to the development of other versions such as Temple Run 2 and Temple Run OZ. In fact, there's even a version for Windows PC which avoids us having to download its APK and run it from an emulator on our desktop.

Requirements and additional information:
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Imangi Studios, LLC.
This year
6 months ago
47.6 MB

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