The app to download free music for Android in MP3 format

December 28, 2020
8 / 10

Ever since the beginning of mankind, we've always wanted to download free music in MP3 format to our smartphones or computers. Well, we might have exaggerated slightly but that is definitely one of our main interests ever since this audio compression format became popular and Internet connections started to expand around the world. Napster, Kazaa or eMule are no longer popular thanks to other more comfortable solutions such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music, that offer us all our favorite music online via streaming, without having to download anything, although not totally free, for an amount of money that we can all afford. However, there are still people that prefer to download songs so that they don't have to rely on a WiFi or data connection, and that's where this TinyTunes Android comes in. If you want to download you favorite music in MP3 format, don't hesitate to download TinyTunes APK for free.

How does this app to download free music work?

To start off, you need to download TinyTunes APK straight to your tablet or smartphone, so make sure you've enabled the permissions necessary from your phone's settings. This is important because you won't be able to install it from Google's Play Store.

Its developers say that this app can be used to listen to songs via streaming or download music with copyleft, creative commons, and other free licenses that exist, but the truth is that you can also find music with copyrights. That's up to you because we're all old enough to know what's legal and lawful, and what isn't.

Well, the fact is that you'll be able to search for music by charts or lists, or manually. Some of those charts include online reference lists such as those drawn up by iTunes and Billboard, with the best artists and albums, as well as the tops of different genres (rock, Latin, jazz, electro...). You've only got to search on these lists or do so manually to be able to download a song or several of them, and you can later manage them all from the folder. And of course, you can listen to music without leaving the app as it includes a built-in player.

Main features of TinyTunes Android

The application also offers us the following functions:

  • Search from several sources at the same time.
  • Configure the search engines you want to use.
  • Use different criteria to find songs.
  • Simultaneous download of all the songs available.
  • Draw up playlists.
  • Manage your music library.
  • Start searching straight from music identification apps of the likes of Shazam or SoundHound.

However, you might come across links that don't work but that's quite usual in this kind of app. Don't bother to download TinyTunes for Windows PC or iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad: there are tools with the same name but they've got nothing to do with this application developed by Exigo Software.

What's new in the latest version

  • Minor bug fixes.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the "Unknown sources" option within Settings>Applications.
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