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Top Drives is a peculiar car racing game for Android that makes use of cards. Choose your winning hand and leave your opponents far behind with fast cars

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Back in the '90s, collectible card games featuring cars became very popular. It was quite entertaining: you could learn about cars as you completed your deck and you could then challenge your mates whilst you put into practice your best strategy. However, now we can do exactly the same but on our Android device, where we can collect over 800 cards based on real-life cars without needing to spend a cent.

A fantastic card with over 800 real-life cars to be collected and driven in races against other places.

Create the perfect deck

How Top Drives works is apparently simple, the complicated thing is to develop the best tactics. In each game, we'll have to choose five cars from the cards in our deck to face up to the five cards of our rival, whether a friend or a machine. Each campaign is divided into different circuits in which we can put the different features of our cars to the test, such as their speed, traction or maneuverability. Thus, when we face our car up to others, the vehicle with the best statistics to reach the finish line under certain circumstances will win. And if a certain track starts getting tough, you can always improve your engine, weight, and the chassis of your cards to get hold of more powerful cars.

The best thing about Top Drives is that you don't have to like racing to enjoy it because you won't really drive any vehicles, you'll simply play around with the features of each car and the race will be developed automatically. Furthermore, each card incorporates a table of real statistics with which you can discover loads of details about the motor world. Therefore, when you tap on a card, you'll be able to take a look a its key stats:

  • Maximum speed.
  • Acceleration.
  • Width, height, and weight.
  • Maneuverability factor.
  • Wheel type.
  • Distance from the ground.
  • Engine position.
  • Traction type and control.
  • Maximum power and torque.
  • Whether it includes ABS or not.
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Antony Peel
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