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Do you love the Triominos board game? Now you can play anytime and anywhere, with friends or against the AI, thanks to this digital version of the game


The digital version of the classic board game

January 4, 2023
8 / 10

If the toy company Goliath already managed to give a twist to the classic dominoes with Triominos, now it is giving it another with the digital version of its board game. After downloading the APK file, we will be able to play against our friends in online matches or face the AI in solitaire mode.

Play against friends or the AI

Triominos is the virtual version of the classic board game made by Goliath. The experience is similar to that of dominoes but with triangle-shaped tiles. To place a tile, the two numbers on its sides must match.

Mix some luck and skill to challenge your friends or the computer on this virtual board game.

As you might have guessed, the experience is more complex than that of classical dominoes. In addition, thanks to this app, we can enjoy it in three game modes:

  • Multiplayer. From here, you can challenge a random player to a game. The winner is the first player to run out of triangular tiles.
  • Solitaire. This function is similar to the previous one, but our opponent will be the game's artificial intelligence. There are several levels of difficulty available.
  • Puzzles. Different puzzles to complete. Our goal is to place all our tiles.

Also, as we play, we will get silver and gold coins. If we go to the settings section, we will find a customization option. From here, you can customize your experience by investing your earnings to get skins for the board and tiles.

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