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3.181.1 Trivia Crack 1 is a social game for Android devices in which we'll be able to face up against any other player online to prove all our general knowledge
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Trivia games are one of the most addictive genres around. And not because you'll be involved in fierce online battles to see who manages to conquer the most territory or annihilate his rival, and neither are we talking about one of those stupid challenging pastimes in which we have to advance through a scenario full of impossible platforms. It's more about feeding our ego, proving how much general knowledge we have and, especially, to show off how much we know.

A fun way of proving that you know about absolutely everything.

That's why Trivia Crack 1 is such a hit because it offers a quiz game similar to any other board game of this kind, in which we can challenge others for free answering all the questions asked depending on how the wheel spins.

Possibly the best quiz game for Android

And we think that it's the best trivia game because once we download its APK we'll come across a very fast-paced and simple gameplay that allows any user to enjoy its addictive nature. Why? Thanks to the features it includes:

  • 6 different question categories.
  • Questions with four possible answers.
  • Achievements to be unlocked.
  • Possibility to create your own questions.
  • Rate the questions created by other users.
  • Chat with your rivals.
  • Collectible card album.
  • Challenge your friends or find random rivals.
  • Weekly ranking.

The categories available are Geography, History, Art and Literature, Science and Technology, Entertainment, and Sports. You know how it goes: you'll be asked a question and you've got 20 seconds to answer. As easy as that.

Cheats for Trivia Crack? How to win?

As far as we know, there are or there were patches for this game that allow you to play matches with cheats to be able to defeat your rivals easier. We're not too keen on this sort of practice but we can offer you some advice to make your games easier for you.

For instance, start off winning the crown in those categories that you find easier and later go for the hard ones. You can also choose the weakest rivals or simply rate questions so that they appear in future rounds of your games.

We're talking about really basic and simple tips that can help you to answer all sorts of general knowledge questions about things you may never even heard of.

What's new in this latest version

  • As usual, user interface improvements and bug fixes.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Antony Peel
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