Trojan Killer

Trojan Killer is capable of removing all sorts of malware: trojans, spyware, adware... Feel safer when you browse after downloading Trojan Killer to your PC


Powerful anti-malware solution

May 31, 2022
8 / 10

To avoid malware infecting your PC you have to make use of a powerful solution like Trojan Killer. Not only does this solution avoid the action of trojans on your PC, but it's also useful to remove other kinds of malicious applications like worms, adware, spyware...

The perfect complement for your usual antivirus.

Trojan Killer performs efficiently when it comes to detecting malware, but it's mainly focused on the removal of the latter. All suspicious files go through a quarantine period, after which they are finally removed.

Options available in Trojan Killer

  • Scan the system to detect and remove malware.
  • Real-time protection that monitors the Internet traffic.
  • Tools to undo the changes carried out on the system by the malware.
  • Shortcut to the update module that guarantees the app's maximum efficiency.

Download Trojan Killer to your PC and discover the best solution to remove malware.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version that can be used for 15 days.
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