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UnHackMe is a protection tool that detects and eliminates rootkits. Protect your computer from this type of malware once you download UnHackMe on your PC


Efficient protection against the fearsome rootkits

January 2, 2023
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Some users that usually use an antivirus on their computer are surprised when their PC is infected. And that is because not all the threats come from dangerous files infected with viruses. Thus, to be able to prevent stability and security problems that threaten your computer, it is advisable to use, apart from an antivirus, an application that provides security versus rootkits, like UnHackMe.

Rootkits are malicious files capable of hiding to go unnoticed, and later, launching malicious code at the most unexpected moment. UnHackMe is an anti-rootkit, capable of detecting any change that takes place on your computer and eliminating any type of malware.

Modules available

  • UnHackMe4, capable of detecting from processes to registry keys and hidden services.
  • Partizan, that analyzes each Windows start-up process in search of anomalies.
  • Reanimator, specialized in the detection and elimination of any type of malicious software (spyware, trojans or adware).

UnHackMe keeps an eye on the processes that are running on your computer to maintain it protected against rootkits.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used for 30 days.
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