Flamer Removal Tool

Flamer Removal Tool is designed to eliminate the extremely dangerous trojan Torjan.Flamer, also known as Flame. You can download Flamer Removel Tool free


Eliminate the Trojan Flamer malware from your computer

December 13, 2012
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Flame, name by which the dangerous Troja.Flamer malware ha become known, is causing havoc in computer in a large area of the world as of late, because due to the malware tools that it includes it can send all kinds of information about the computers in which it is installed. To be able to avoid this BitDefender has launched Flamer Removal Tool.

Detect and quickly eliminate Trojan.Flamer

How BitDefender Trojan Flamer A/B Removal Tool works is very simple, because it is an executable file that doesn't require installation. All you need to do is open the program and start scanning the hard drives in search of the malware.

If Trojan Flamer A/B Removal Tool find any entry caused by the trojan during the analysis, it will notify the user and will eliminate it in such a way that they computer is no longer in danger.

Trojan.Flamer is undetectable for the majority of antivirus.

Download Flamer Removal Tool free is of vital importance, because the vast majority of the conventional antivirus programs aren't capable of detecting this dangerous trojan at the moment.

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