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Undelete 360 is an excellent program designed to recover files that have been eliminated by mistake. Download Undelete 360 and don't lose any files


Recover files deleted by mistake

March 2, 2016
8 / 10

It may happen that a file is eliminated by mistake and it's necessary to recover it, in these situations the best thing is to resort to a specialized application like Undelete 360.

Analyze the disk and choose what to recover

The objective of Undelete 360 is none other than to recover the files that have been eliminated involuntarily or due to a mishap. To accomplish this purpose, it analyzes the drives indicated by the user in search of all the residual files that have been left behind after deleting and it shows their names in a list together with their data.

Furthermore, to make selecting the files which will be recovered easier, Undelete 360 allows you, among other things, to:

  • Filter the results viewed by data, file extension, etc.
  • View a preview of the files.
  • Access their data.
  • View the hexadecimal data for each file.

Eliminate any file or folder completely

On the other hand, just as it allows you to recover files, Undelete 360 also allows you to eliminate files and folders in such a way that they can't be recovered by tools similar to this one. For such a purpose it offers you the possibility to use an overwriting system based on a single or on a treble pass.

Therefore, if you want to recover a file that you have eliminated accidentally, download and install Undelete 360, it's free.

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