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A citizen, an undercover agent, or Mr. White? Undercover is a fun and intriguing board game with short matches that can be played online and offline


Discover the infiltrated agents

April 2, 2024
7 / 10

The Undercover Android app is a fun and intriguing multiplayer board game with online and offline modes that we can play with players from all over the world or with our friends. Our mission is to discover the identities of all players (including our own) to detect the enemies before it is too late.

A secret word to reveal the identity of all players

The protagonists of Undercover APK are intriguing characters with memory problems. There are three kinds of characters involved in the matches:

  • Civilians. They are all given the same secret word, and their goal is to unmask the undercover agents and Mr. White.
  • Undercover spies. Their word is very similar to that of civilians, and their mission is to impersonate them.
  • Mr. White. He is the only player who knows his identity and receives no word. His goal is to pretend to have a word while trying to guess the civilians' secret word.

In addition, we can add several secret roles that improve the characters' roles in the game. Each match can have from three to up to 20 players, but Mr. White only appears in matches with five players or more.

Your goal is to discover the other players' identities (and yours!) as quickly as possible to eliminate your enemies.

During the games, players must talk and debate to eliminate one of them. In other words, the gameplay dynamics are similar to Among Us', but without the tasks involved.

And the best part is that we can download Undercover for free, although the free version has some limitations. Fortunately, the game allows us to buy the full version for a small fee or get new secret words by watching ads.

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