UPX is an application that has been created with the specific idea of making executable files easier to handle. Download UPX for free for your computer

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A problem that programmers quite often come across when creating an application is that the executable files associated to the installation end up being too big, occupying an unnecessary amount of space on the hard drive. To avoid this you can use UPX.

The name UPX is really an acronym for Ultimate Packer for eXecutables, an application that can compress a wide range of different executable formats extremely quickly, covering those that are more common in Windows like EXE, SYS and COM as well as other that are more common on Linux and Mac like ELF and MACHO.

UPX doesn't have an interface and works only from the command line, but since its a tool focused on programmers this shouldn't be a problem, as they normally do not have any trouble working from the command line.

Download UPX for free to be able to make sure that your executable files occupy as little space as possible.

M Oberhumer, L Molnar & J Reiser
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