USBFlashCopy is a tool to create backups of your USB memory sticks. Download USBFlashCopy free of charge and keep the contents of your pendrive safe


The easiest way to backup your pendrives

May 13, 2019
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USBFlashCopy is an application that will allow you to create backups of any flash USB in a matter of minutes because it has a system thanks to which each time we connect a pendrive or memory card, for example, it will start saving the contents to the folder that we indicate on our hard drive.

Make backups of your Flash units

The first time that we input an external storage device, a window will appear from which we will be able to configure how we want the program to react each time that we connect that device. Among the customization options, we will be able to find a “silent” mode, with which we can save the contents of any device without any confirmation window or notification message appearing.

In the system tray, we can find an icon from which we will be able to customize any detail about how the program reacts like the file transfer speed or the position of each of the program's windows.

Discover the easiest way to carry out backups of your external storage devices with USBFlashCopy.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The program is only free for personal use
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