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WaStat is a complete mobile tool that allows us to control the amount of time that we or other users use the WhatsApp application on a daily basis

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The WhatsApp messaging application changed our lives forever. Although there were similar tools, this one marked a before and after.

Now we spend much of our day hooked up to these chats. But if we want to control the time we use WhatsApp every day, we just need to download the APK file of this tool developed by the Peanut Butter studio.

Control your WhatsApp usage time

The WaStat app provides a simple mobile tool to control the usage time of up to ten WhatsApp accounts. To use it, we only need to enter the user's phone number.

In other words, we don't even have to be the account holder. This may sound like an invasion of privacy, but in reality the tool is limited to tracking the time a particular person is online at WhatsApp. What happens is that it puts it in tables and nice graphs.

This time tracker can monitor all of your activity on WhatsApp Messanger and display it in a handy clock view.

This way, we can check on a clock the periods that we or someone else has been connected to the instant messaging app, the usage statistics for the last 30 days and the usage per hour. This can be interesting if we want to cut down on the time we are connected to this application or if we suspect that our younger children are making excessive use of the chat.

In addition, it will also show us the last hour of connection. And we can even receive notifications when the user we are monitoring is online again.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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