Apps for WhatsApp on Android

The best selection of supplementary applications for WhatsApp with images, videos, and wallpapers for the most popular instant messaging app in the world

WhatsApp Spy 1.4.07 English
WhatsApp Spy 1.4.07

Spy on your WhatsApp contacts to know when they've been online

WhatsDog 5.0.2 English
WhatsDog 5.0.2

Monitor your contacts' WhatsApp status

GBStickers - Stickers for GBWhatsApp 2.00 English

Exclusive pack of stickers for GBWhatsApp

Labalabi for WhatsApp 20.0 English

Send bulk messages on WhatsApp

GBStickers Maker 1.10 English

Create stickers for GBWhatsApp

Whats Tracker 4.0.1 English

Check who's viewed your WhatsApp profile

Mia Khalifa Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0.8 English

Mia Khalifa's best stickers for WhatsApp

WaStat 1.34 English
WaStat 1.34

How much time do you spend hooked up to WhatsApp?

Whats Tracker: Who Viewed My Profile? 15.0 English

App to spy on who visits your WhatsApp profile

Yansa 1.3.4 English
Yansa 1.3.4

Messenger app tracker

Whats Web 8.0.1 English
Whats Web 8.0.1

Backup all your files received by WhatsApp

Whatscan for Whatsapp Web 7.2 English

Chat on WhatsApp on two devices at once

Status Saver 16.9.6 English
Status Saver 16.9.6

Download the statuses of your favoriate chat and messaging app for WhatsApp 2.12.0 English

Create your sticker pack for WhatsApp

WhatsAgent 1.4.5 English
WhatsAgent 1.4.5

App to spy on your WhatsApp contacts

SKEDit 2.9.5 English
SKEDit 2.9.5

Schedule the sending of messages on WhatsApp and on other applications

WhatsLog 1.3.2 English
WhatsLog 1.3.2

Control when you appear online, offline and your last seen time

WhatzSeen 1 English

Find out when your apps go online on WhatsApp

Sticker Babai 0.0.48 English

Download India's most popular WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp Lock 5.24 English

Protect your WhatsApp messages

WhatsClone 6.0 English

Use WhatsApp on two devices at the same time

WhatsBot 2.9.4 English
WhatsBot 2.9.4

Schedule automatic replies with this WhatsApp bot

TV Series & Movies Stickers 4 English

Hundreds of stickers from your favorite TV shows and movies for WhatsApp

Funny Stickers For WhatsApp 1.0.4 English

A complete collection of stickers for WhatsApp

WA Tweaker 1.7.3 English
WA Tweaker 1.7.3

Enable secret WhatsApp functions

OGStickers 2.00 English

Add all sorts of stickers to OGWhatsApp

WhatsRemoved+ 7.6.0 English

Recover notifications from any application

Audio Status Maker 2.2.2 English

Add music to your status

Status Keeper 1.16.04 English
Status Keeper 1.16.04

App to download WhatsApp statuses

WAMR 0.11.1 English
WAMR 0.11.1

Recover messages deleted on WhatsApp

FSM: Free Sticker Maker 1.28 English

Design and share your own stickers for WhatsApp

Auto RDM 1.8.3 English
Auto RDM 1.8.3

Recover deleted messages and multimedia files on messaging apps

Stickers Plus 2.00 English

The official sticker app for WhatsApp Plus

WA Tweaks 2.8.0 English
WA Tweaks 2.8.0

Make the most the latest exclusive improvements to WhatsApp

2Lines for WhatsApp 1.2.4 English

Use several WhatsApp accounts from a single phone

WAPP Toolbox 3.33.120123 English
WAPP Toolbox 3.33.120123

Toolkit for WhatsApp

Watts Abbey Golden Plus 9.8 English

Chat and extra features for WhatsApp

WhatSaga 1.9.73 English
WhatSaga 1.9.73

Post longer videos on your WhatsApp status and download your friends' videos

HD Stickers for WhatsApp English

Crea tu propio pack de stickers para WhatsApp

SuperHero Stickers for WhatsApp 5.29 English

Download superhero stickers for use on WhatsApp

Tools for WhatsApp 2.19 English

A toolbox with resources to enhance WhatsApp

Funny Memes Stickers 1.1 English

Funny meme stickers for WhatsApp

Transcriber for WhatsApp 5.0.7 English

Transcribe WhatsApp voice messages

Wemoji 1.3.2 English
Wemoji 1.3.2

App to design WhatsApp stickers

Money Heist Stickers 1.0.1 English

The best stickers from Money Heist

Create Stickers for WhatsApp - WAStickerApps 1.0.125 English

Create your own stickers for WhatsApp

Meme Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0.9 English

The best Internet memes now as WhatsApp stickers

Personal Stickers for WhatsApp 1.26 English

Enrich your convesations with stickers

Sticker maker for WhatsApp 1.0.5-3 English

Create stickers to be used in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Wallpaper 2 English

Change your WhatsApp wallpapers

AutoResponder for WhatsApp 2.9.9 English

Create automatic replies for WhatsApp

Screen Guard for WhatsApp 1.4 English

Stop people from spying on your mobile screen

WaLog 1.2.2 English
WaLog 1.2.2

Track the amount of time your kids spend on their phones

Status Saver for WA 3.2 English

Save the WhatsApp statuses of your contacts

WhatsApp Status 1.85 English

Download the WhatsApp status of your contacts

W Dual Messenger 1.5.2 English

Two WhatsApp users on a single device

WABox 4.1.1 English
WABox 4.1.1

WhatsApp toolbox with interesting features

Blank Message for WhatsApp 1.3 English

Send blank messages on WhatsApp

Stickify 4.8.28 English
Stickify 4.8.28

Download and create stickers for WhatsApp

3D Animated Emojis Stickers 2.7.0 English

Collection of different stickers for WhatsApp

FBR Stickers for WhatsApp 1.04 English

Packs of Fortnite stickers for WhatsApp

DBS Stickers - Dragon Ball Stickers for WhatsApp 1.5 English

Goku and Vegeta stickers for WhatsApp

Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp 1.1.0 English

Christmas sticker packs for WhatsApp

Love Stickers For Whatsapp 3.1 English

Romantic stickers collection for Android

WhatsApp 2Date 3.161 English

Automatically update to the latest WhatsApp version

StealthApp 8.4.0 English
StealthApp 8.4.0

WhatsApp Smart Notification

Seebye Chat Heads 3.0.1 English

Open your WhatsApp chats by means of pop-ups

WhatsHide 6.0 English

Block your WhatsApp status

Animal Stickers 1.6 English

Funny animal stickers for WhatsApp chats

Funny Meme Stickers 1.0 English

Internet meme stickers for WhatsApp chats

Anime Stickers 2.5 English

Anime wallpapers and stickers for WhatsApp

Animated Christmas Stickers 1.4 English

Hundreds of Christmas stickers for WhatsApp

Sticko 2.3.0 English
Sticko 2.3.0

Get new stickers for WhatsApp and create your own

WAStickerApps Memes 16 English

Add popular memes stickers to WhatsApp

Hide Blue Ticks 1.1.19 English

Read and reply to WhatsApp messages without being online

WAPunch 10.28 English
WAPunch 10.28

Add new features to WhatsApp

TalkFaster! 1.1.2 English

Speed up long WhatsApp voice messages

TextSticker English

Descarga de pegatinas para WhatsApp

Restory English

Find out what that deleted WhatsApp message said

WhatsLov 11.2.0 English
WhatsLov 11.2.0

Add and edit a ton of emojis and stickers for your chats

Dashdow 2.56 English
Dashdow 2.56

App that shows you WhatsApp messages immediately

Love Story Stickers 1.0 English

Add a sweet and romantic touch to your messages

WhatsDirect 9.0.1 English

Send WhatsApp messages without adding contact numbers

Sticker Studio 3.5.9 English

Design stickers for WhatsApp

Telegram Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0 English

Download Telegram's stickers

Stickers For Whatsapp sgn_SEP_11_2021 English
Stickers For Whatsapp sgn_SEP_11_2021

The most complete sticker pack for WhatsApp

Notification History 1.8.22 English

Read messages deleted from WhatsApp

WaSend 1.7 English
WaSend 1.7

Simplify how you send files via WhatsApp

Santa Claus is Here 1.2.7 English

Romantic and funny Christmas stickers for your chats

Cat Memes Stickers 2.1.1 English

Cat meme stickers for WhatsApp chats

3D Funny Stickers 3.7 English

Funny sticker collection for WhatsApp

Status Downloader 2.31 English

Save the images that your contacts post on the status

GIF2Sticker 0.7.2 English

Create your own animated stickers for WhatsApp

Animated Sticker Maker 2.10.05 English

Design your own animated stickers for WhatsApp

WhatsTool 3.0.32 English
WhatsTool 3.0.32

Toolkit for WhatsApp

Stickers Cloud 5.1.0 English

App to download stickers for WhatsApp

iSticker English

Design your own WhatsApp stickers

DIY Sticker Maker 2.2.6 English

Make stickers for WhatsApp with your photos

New Funny Emojis Stickers in 3D 5.5 English

Sticker collection for WhatsApp

Cat Stickers for WhatsApp 2.2 English

Cute kitten stickers for WhatsApp