Apps for WhatsApp on Android

The best selection of supplementary applications for WhatsApp with images, videos, and wallpapers for the most popular instant messaging app in the world

WA Tweaks 2.8.0 English
WA Tweaks 2.8.0

Make the most the latest exclusive improvements to WhatsApp

WA Tweaker 1.4.8 English
WA Tweaker 1.4.8

Enable secret WhatsApp functions

WhatsApp Sniffer 1.0.3 English

Spy on WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp Spy 1.4.07 English
WhatsApp Spy 1.4.07

Spy on your WhatsApp contacts to know when they've been online

Whats Tracker 3.1.0 English

Check who's viewed your WhatsApp profile

GBStickers - Stickers for GBWhatsApp 1.40 English

Exclusive pack of stickers for GBWhatsApp

WhatsDog 5.0.2 English
WhatsDog 5.0.2

Keep an eye on your WhatsApp contacts

WhatsApp Wallpaper 2 English

Change your WhatsApp wallpapers

Stickers Plus 1.40 English

The official sticker app for WhatsApp Plus

GBStickers Maker 1.10 English

Create stickers for GBWhatsApp

Sticker maker for WhatsApp 0.0.0-98 English

Create stickers to be used in WhatsApp

Meme Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0.5 English

The best Internet memes now as WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp Business 2.19.100 English

The WhatsApp app designed for businesses

WhatsAgent 1.4.5 English
WhatsAgent 1.4.5

App to spy on your WhatsApp contacts for WhatsApp 1.5.0 English

Create your sticker pack for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Lock 4.5.3 English

Protect your WhatsApp messages

2Lines for WhatsApp 1.2.4 English

Use several WhatsApp accounts from a single phone

Status Saver 2.32 English

Download the statuses of your favoriate chat and messaging app

Love Stickers For Whatsapp 4.1 English

Stickers to give out love on WhatsApp

OGStickers 1.40 English

Add all sorts of stickers to OGWhatsApp

WhatzSeen 1 English

Find out when your apps go online on WhatsApp

Notification History 1.8.14 English

Read messages deleted from WhatsApp

WhatsLog 1.2.0 English
WhatsLog 1.2.0

Control when you appear online, offline and your last seen time

Stickers For Whatsapp sgn_108 English

The most complete sticker pack for WhatsApp

Personal Stickers for WhatsApp 1.13 English

Enrich your convesations with stickers

WhatsBot 2.9.4 English
WhatsBot 2.9.4

Schedule automatic replies with this WhatsApp bot

Whats Web 4.2 English

Backup all your files received by WhatsApp

Money Heist Stickers 1.0.1 English

The best stickers from Money Heist

DBS Stickers - Dragon Ball Stickers for WhatsApp 1.5 English

Goku and Vegeta stickers for WhatsApp

WAMR 0.8.3 English
WAMR 0.8.3

Recover messages deleted on WhatsApp

WhatsChat IRC 3.1.4 English

Application that combines WhatsApp and IRC

WaSend 1.7 English
WaSend 1.7

Simplify how you send files via WhatsApp

Wemoji 1.1.1 English
Wemoji 1.1.1

App to design WhatsApp stickers

Create Stickers for WhatsApp - WAStickerApps 1.0.75 English

Create your own stickers for WhatsApp

Agent Spy 3.6 English

Read your WhatsApp messages in incognito mode

Telegram Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0 English

Download Telegram's stickers

Sticker Studio 2.35 English

Design stickers for WhatsApp

StealthApp 8.4.0 English
StealthApp 8.4.0

The smart WhatsApp notification app

WhatsApp 2Date 3.161 English

Automatically update to the latest WhatsApp version

WhatsHide 6.0 English

Block your WhatsApp status