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Thanks to Windows Installer it is possible to install MSI files. Download the latest version of Windows Installer free, a component necessary for Windows

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Windows Installer is an essential component of Windows operating systems, such as Vista or XP, as it enables the installation and uninstalling of programs very easily. In particular, within the different types of executable files in Windows systems, thanks to Windows Installer we can carry out the installation of the so-called MSI (Microsoft Installer) packages.

By downloading Windows Installer for free, you can check if you have the latest version of this essential Windows component installed on your computer or if you need an update. Thus, you'll make sure that the interface is intuitive and easy to handle for when you carry out the installation of programs packaged in MSI.

Features of Windows Installer

  • Installation of multiple packages with the possibility to undo the installation if one or several packages aren't installed correctly.
  • Easy integration of the customized user interfaces.
  • Possibility to correct changes to the FeatureComponent table during the replacement process.
  • Option that guarantees that the latest version of a certain component is always available.

Download the latest version of Windows Installer for free and get hold of this engine for the installation and removal of applications in Windows.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application is compatible with Windows XP SP3.
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