Downloading WiZ for free will provide you with an efficient and alternative ZIP file expander. Likewise, WiZ also includes a file comparer and an analyzer


Free lightweight ZIP compressor

May 12, 2010
6 / 10

WinZip and WinRAR are two of the most used compressors by Windows users, but there are other alternatives, the vast majority of which are free, that despite not offering as many options and extras as these two amazing tools, do have everything that's necessary to be able to easily work with compressed files.

Free and simple ZIP extractor

WiZ is a decompressor developed by the Info-ZIP organization, that despite not having an appealing graphical interface, works perfectly when it comes to extracting ZIP files, without being a great load for the system.

It includes a file analyzer and a checker, that can help us to find damaged files as well as to differentiate files that in spite of sharing the same name and seem identical in size, don't contain the same information, without having to open them.

The program can be somewhat complex to use at the beginning, but after using it for some time, it should no longer be difficult for any user.

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Antony Peel