6.0 WordPress is a content management system (CMS) focused on the creation of blogs and web pages. Create your own site by downloading WordPress for free
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Nowadays, any user can have a web page. Several tools make this possible, and the best known is WordPress, a content management system (CMS) focused on the creation of blogs and professional pages.

Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress.

The best tool to create a personal blog

WordPress is totally free and very easy to use. It lets you create personalized blogs through a large number of templates with the most varied designs and styles, although of course, you can create your own. Combine in your space all types of content, from texts to videos, and reach your potential audience through the Internet.


  • CMS easy to install and manage.
  • Create multi-user blogs with different permission levels.
  • Automatic save function on the draft.
  • Allows comments on any of the published posts.
  • Offers several tools for communication between blogs, such as Trackback or Pingback.

Increase your possibilities with the use of plugins

One of the great assets of WordPress is that it has a wide range of plugins and add-ons capable of expanding its capabilities. On the Internet, you will find hundreds of easy-to-install utilities, whether to display the most popular posts, boost the SEO positioning of your articles, or integrate the possibilities of social networks.

Transform your page into anything you can imagine.

Discover the enormous possibilities of the leading software for creating websites and blogs, download WordPress for free!

Requirements and additional information:
  • To install WordPress, you need to have a web server and MySQL installed.
  • It also requires a ZIP-compatible compressor to be installed.
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