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August 26, 2013
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Disqus is a comment system to be inserted into your own webpage or blog. It is compatible with several CMS applications, including WordPress. This is the add-on necessary to turn Disqus into the comment system used in this application.

About 20 million comments published every month.

As well as making it easier to insert comments, Disqus acts like a user verification system. Each time someone makes a comment, Disqus will verify his/her identity and credentials in order to validate it.

Features of Disqus

  • Compatible with WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Drupal, HTML...
  • Log in using your Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo! or Google profile.
  • Manage and moderate comments, avoid SPAM, block users, check statistics...

Insert this innovating web discussion system into your WordPress page and make it easier for your visitors to comment articles with their profile. Replace the traditional comment system of this CMS with Disqus and make the most of its advantages, download Disqus for free.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • Requires WordPress installed on the system.
Héctor Hernández

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