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Embed Facebook allows you to embed Facebook contents in WordPress pages. With Embed Facebook your posts will be more dynamic and richer in contents


Embed Facebook contents within WordPress pages

January 10, 2019
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With the popularity of Facebook it has become more common to resort to contents of this social network. If you have a page managed with the WordPress content manager, you can make the most of the Embed Facebook plug-in to share contents of the social network on your web.

Facebook contents embedded in your WordPress page

Embed Facebook allows you to share the contents of Facebook on any page based on WordPress. Therefore, you can make use of publications, photo albums, notes, events or any entry on your web. With this plug-in, the content of your web will much more agile and dynamic, as it allows the interaction of users using the social network, for example, to confirm that they will be attending an event mentioned in a post or to make comments.


  • Embed Facebook elements in a WordPress page.
  • Achieve interaction from the social network itself on behalf of users.
  • Share Facebook contents by cutting and pasting the link.

Get hold of pages richer in contents by embedding Facebook contents. Therefore, download the Embed Facebook plug-in for WordPress free of charge.

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