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Alfresco will allow you to handle all the data and files that belong to any project. Download Alfresco free to improve collaborative work at your company


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July 31, 2018
8 / 10

When it comes to controlling all the documents and projects that a company may have at a given moment the best idea is to have an application that favors collaborative work and at the same time offers the possibility to the administrators to control everything, like Alfresco.

Conceived for important projects

The general idea behind Alfresco was the creation of a product specialized in controlling documentation, as it has grown it has expanded to be able to work as a web content management application.

As many other similar applications, it uses the browser as its main interface and it divides the screen into four specific areas: Sites, Activities, Tasks and Documents.

Each one of these areas allows the user to have quick access to the vast majority of the work that can be done through Alfresco, whether the different work areas that the user has been assigned (Sites), the documentation that you need (Documents) or the tasks that you have pending.


From the management area of Alfresco you'll be able to easily control any work aspect. Making the task of controlling all the tasks and you'll be able to manage what work each of the collaborators is going to do at all times, as well be able to provide each of them with different permission levels depending on the information they can access.

Therefore, if you are searching for a program that will allow you to control all the projects that you are carrying out with your association or business, download Alfresco, one of the best Enterprise Content Managers (ECM).

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