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Online CMS for information professionals

November 7, 2018
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The Internet is one of the greatest allies of journalism, but you need to create a place where your readers can read your information. Newscoop is a cloud content management system for online newspapers and magazines.

The open source CMS for news.

Newscoop has been created for journalists by journalists. Publish contents with this CMS software that includes the most modern tools for news spaces on the cloud.

Quality information

Combine written information with images and videos to create complete articles. Make the most of its simple interface so that your texts have an attractive appearance that encourage people to read them. Just like in any other traditional communication medium, you have the best tools for your web to be appealing and to show the most complete information possible.

Some features of Newscoop

  • Organize the information by issues, sections and types of articles.
  • Manage the access of subscribers to your publication.
  • Add multimedia contents to your information and manage them from a dedicated manager.
  • Incorporates Solr, the open platform for Apache searches.
  • Adapt the design to different platforms and devices.

Journalism 2.0

These days journalism 2.0, in which readers are an active part of the media, is a must. Newscoop provides tools for the management and control of the user community of your website. Users will be able to create their profile, make comments about the articles and follow up the latest news, while you don't miss out on anything they do.

On front page

The front page of any publication is the most important one. It's always subject to changes, topicality rules. That is why Newscoop offers a drag and drop system to change the front page of your newspaper or magazine in a matter of seconds. Here you can offer the most important and up-to-date headlines and place the full article anywhere inside the publication.

Take part in the revolution of the communication media and bring your information to the Internet with the best free tool to create an online newspaper or magazine.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires that you have a web server with PHP and MySQL installed.
  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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