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World of Solitaire has a wide range of solitaire card games. Choose the one you like the most in World of Solitaire, you can also customize the playing area

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World of Solitaire is a web application in which you will have access to a large variety of solitaire card games.

In World of Solitaire not only will you be able to choose between many games, you will also be able to choose the difficulty and the amount of time which you will have available. During the game you will be able to check how many cards you have left in each deck, undo the last movement or check other game data like rules or game history.

You will have access to different decks as well as playing area backgrounds, with the possibility to link the one you like most by means of URL. Furthermore, among its options you will be able to configure other visualization aspects and the game speed. And if you register you will be able to maintain and store your playing statistics, with the possibility to check them from any terminal.

If you like solitaire card games with World of Solitaire you will enjoy it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Registering as a user is free.
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