XMLTV will allow you to download the TV schedule of channels from all over the world. Use XMLTV together with your multimedia center to know what to watch

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As satellite and cable television has entered the general market, and later on digital broadcasting, the television offer has multiplied. The main problem that can appear due to all this is finding out what time each program you are interested is going to be on.

But thanks to XMLTV you will be able to avoid this problem, because it allows you to download lists with the TV schedule of the majority of channels from many countries on the Internet. XMLTV will create an XML files with this information, and after that you will be able to export it to be used in another program or a multimedia center.

Find out what is on television.

One of the only drawbacks of XMLTV is that it has to be used from the command line. Something that can be considered complicated by users with less experience when dealing with computers.

Therefore, if you want to know at all times what is on television, including small descriptions of the contents of each program, you only have to download XMLTV.

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