You TV Player tricks for Android: the best tips to fix your problems

You TV Player is a digital content player for Android devices. You can install it on your cell phone as well as on your tablet, although the broadcast can also be transmitted to a computer or smart TV. Today's consumers always make use of their mobile devices, taking advantage of any available moment to get distracted. Having this application is one more resource we have at our disposal, independently of other platforms such as YouTube Premium, Netflix, or HBO. However, the difference, in this case, is that the application is free.

With the app, we can see very diverse content, mostly in Spanish and on our own devices. To do this, it is advisable to use a Wi-Fi network, although if your data rate is low, you can use it to view your shows anywhere. As simple as choosing our favorite channel and tap on Play. Regardless of whether it is a live program or a delayed broadcast, the possibilities are very broad. It is very useful, for example, to watch sports events that are not available on traditional channels.

This application is not available in the Google App Store, so some newcomers to Android may find it difficult to install. In our case, we always offer the latest version, which is the one with more stability and functionalities. To install the APK, remember to check the corresponding guide, although this is a process that does not present too many inconveniences. In any case, you can always leave a comment if you need some help.

Next, we offer you the guides that we have elaborated on You TV Player, in them, you will find all the necessary information so that the application does not suppose any problem and does not keep secrets.

How to watch You TV Player on your Smart TV

To watch You TV Player on a Smart TV, you have two options: use Chromecast (or a Smart TV with support for screen duplication technologies), or project your device's screen on your TV through a USB C - HDMI cable. We do not recommend trying to install it on an Android TV Top Box or directly on pure Android TV, as the application is not optimized for this type of device.


How to watch You TV Player on your PC

To watch You TV Player on your PC, you have different options. In the first option we offer, you need two things: to have an Android app player installed on your computer (in this example, we will use BlueStacks), and the You TV Player APK file. In the second option, you need the APK and a web browser like Chrome


How to activate channels on You TV Player

You TV Player is a good application to view digital content in different languages. Until a few versions ago, we had the possibility of adding new channels. Currently, the latest version available no longer permits the addition of new channels, and therefore, no longer activates them. What happens if you download an older APK? Is it still possible? We have been working on it and unfortunately, when you download an old version of the app, it asks you to upgrade to the latest one. And this is an essential step, without this step, the account is closed and does not allow anything else to be done. This way the developers, for whatever reason, do not allow the user of the application to add new channels or to activate them.


What's the password for You TV Player?

You TV Player is a streaming content playback application that lets you access it in 3 different ways. Choosing one or the other will depend on whether or not you have a Google account, through a Gmail account, and on the social network Facebook. If you want to do it through your usual email, you also have that option. So let's find out all the ways to do it.


How many channels are there on You TV Player

You TV Player is one of the most versatile players for Android devices. There is no shortage of reasons for this, as it covers a large number of Spanish and Spanish-speaking American channels. However, we cannot give an exact figure on how many channels You TV Player has since the amount is variable, but it is between 200 and 300 channels.


How many megabytes does You TV Player use

Digital content applications are extremely popular. They have managed to carry out a passive activity, to consume television, in something dynamic where the user is the one who chooses between a huge spectrum. However, the data consumption of one of these applications, and You TV Player, in particular, is not a minor issue. Although data rates currently offer a good amount of gigs at a reasonable price, the indiscriminate use of You TV Player can end up with a deficit of megabytes of our rate.


How to watch soccer matches for free with You TV Player

Soccer generates passions, and sometimes, watching the games for free can be difficult. With You TV Player, you can watch the games you want from the comfort of your home, or wherever you decide, and without having to pay a penny. Doing it is very simple, so stay tuned to what we are going to tell you.


Is You TV Player safe?

You TV Player is a secure application even if it is not in the official app store, Google Play. An app may not be found there for various reasons, either because the developers did not want to publish it there, or because it does not meet the requirements of Mountain View.


Is You TV Player legal?

The You TV Player application is very up-to-date, as are other similar applications. The reason is simple, we consume more audiovisual content than ever before. These applications generate controversy because of the legal aspect. In the case of this app, the only information available from you that refers to any legal aspect comes in the help section. It literally states that "You TV Player, in compliance with intellectual property laws, does not generate the content you see in the application". In other words, that they charge the responsibility of rights issues to third parties since they only transmit channels that "other people upload to sites, and we organize them in the best possible way for your convenience".


How to use You TV Player

This application offers a good number of channels and options that we can configure at will, and has all the incentives to become a must-have in your application pack. Using this app is very simple because after downloading it from this page and installing it, we have everything we need to enjoy good moments of entertainment.


How to configure You TV Player

The You TV Player lets you customize it to suit your viewing style. In this brief guide, we tell you what are the main settings you can make when using the application.


How to watch channels of adult content with You TV Player

The application for Android You TV Player is a window open to diverse multimedia content. Also including adult content. However, they are not activated by default, so we are going to teach you how to do this so that you can enjoy these contents with complete security.


How to update You TV Player

Malavida guarantees that the applications available on its website are the latest. But first, you must know what version you have, to do so, make a long tap on the icon of You TV Player. A balloon pops up with the words App info.


You TV Player or Mobdro: comparison and differences

These applications have many similarities, helping to ensure that the transition from one to the other is not a problem. However, as we go deeper into both, we will find differences that can make us decide definitively between one and the other. Come with us to discover what is special about each one of them.


How to add channels to You TV Player

You TV Player is an application that has evolved. One of these functions was to add channels, which made it possible to have an even more complete app. Adding our channels allowed us to configure the app to our liking, as there was a possibility that the offer of the app would not fully satisfy us. However, those who download the latest version available cannot find this option to add channels. And if they do not get it, it is because it is gone. The reasons for this change are unknown, but the developers removed it a few versions ago.


How to install You TV Player on Android

You TV Player is a streaming channel player that lets you watch national and international content of all kinds, from movies to sports, so if it is an app that you do not have installed, we recommend that you follow these steps so you do not miss anything. This is an app not available in Google Play, so you must download it from other sources, make sure they are safe. In our case, we have tested and analyzed the app with different antivirus.


What is You TV Player and what's it for?

You TV Player is a player for our Android phone that lets you access online content so that it can be viewed on the device, PC, tablet, or Smart TV. Now that the content platforms are in the spotlight, with You TV Player, we can access channels of our interest to watch TV on demand.


December 1, 2020. Translated by Manuel Sánchez