How many megabytes does You TV Player use

With regards to the megabytes consumed by You TV Player, there’s no specific figure as it all depends on several different factors such as the channel we’re tuning into, the quality of the image or the type of content that’s being streamed at that moment. Therefore, we can’t answer this question with total accuracy although we can have a rough idea by taking into account how much data other video streaming services use:

  • For instance, how many megabytes does watching a football match on a phone or tablet use? According to the information provided by different users, streaming all 90 minutes of a complete football match with a rather decent image quality can use up to 1 GB of data.
  • YouTube is the king of online streaming contents offering different video qualities that range between 144p and 1080p, the maximum it’s capable of offering. If we chose the latter, we’d be consuming 33 MB per minute whilst a medium quality of 360p would use 5.6 MB per minute.
  • Netflix is a service that we can use as a reference as it’s also online TV. The bandwidth consumed by this platform depends of the quality chosen: an hour of video contents can range between 300 MB and 3 GB.

Even if we’re not too sure on how much data this app uses, we always advise you to use You TV Player when connected to a WiFi network, otherwise, if you use your mobile 3G or 4G plan you could run the risk of exhausting the data contracted with your carrier.