YOWhatsApp Tips & Tricks: the best tips, tricks and help for YoWA

Whilst Facebook Inc. continues its meteoric rise towards the total domination of social networks and messaging applications, mainly supported by the purchase of WhatsApp Messenger back in February 2014, new MODs for this chat tool also continue to appear, trying to alleviate its shortages and improve its different functions and features.

Because WhatsApp is still far from being a perfect application. Back then it succeeded to bring in millions of users eager to have an app that let them send instant text messages without paying a cent, and it now manages to keep them an even increase its user base (the latest figures talk about 1.5 billion) because the mere fact of not having WhatsApp turns us into some kind of weirdo that becomes invisible to the rest of the world.

If it were only about functions and features, WhatsApp would have been surpassed time ago by other instant messaging alternatives of the likes of Telegram, LINE or WeChat but its ubiquity make it almost indestructible. For such reason, instead of switching to another communication tool with better and more complete options, many users stick to it but by means of modified clients or MODs that, up to a certain extent, manage to correct the sluggishness with which its official developers implement the most demanded updates on behalf of its users.

And one of the best WhatsApp MODs available for Android is this YOWhatsApp, developed by Yousef Al Basha, capable of competing against the most popular tools in this field such as WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp. It comes along with all the functions that we could expect in a tool of this nature, including privacy improvements such as the possibility to hide our online status, remove restrictions and limits when it comes to sending files, advanced security options to protect the access to the app and to certain chats by means of passwords and patterns, and the key function of this kind of MOD: the possibility to use the app for a second WhatsApp number on the same phone.

But one of the most noteworthy features of YoWA has to do with its aesthetic point of view as it offers us a well-cared design following Google’s Material Design guidelines and offers us the possibility to install and apply loads of different themes with which we can customize the app’s interface, organization and layout, being one of its differentiating aspects regarding other MODs.

Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to download the APK of YOWhatsApp from unofficial repositories and alternative stores of the likes of Malavida, as its developers never had permission on behalf of WhatsApp to use its source code. For such purpose, we’ll use these lines to explain everything you need to know about downloading, installing, and updating the app correctly, as well as to tell you all the details about its security and legality so that you know what to expect if you decide to use it.

Because it´s not one of a kind, as we mentioned above, in this guide full of tips and tricks we’ll also compare it to other similar MODs so that you can decide by yourself which one suits your needs the best. All the latter, supported by the opinion of editors that expertise in software who will break down its pros and cons and will offer you the best tips and advice to become a pro user of this app. And if you run into any trouble during its configuration or settings, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll be delighted to help you out.

YOWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus: differences and comparison

Both YOWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, as well as GBWhatsApp, are some of the best MODs for the most popular instant messaging and chat application in the world. And the truth is that there aren’t too many different between them other than interface issues that have to do with their different designs, and a few minor matter. The idea behind both of them, just like the rest of MODs, is to make WhatsApp more flexible in terms of the functions offered to its users.


Is YOWhatsApp legal?

Well, let’s see. You’re not going to get into any trouble for downloading and using it. However, although nobody’s seems to be too worried about prosecuting its users, that doesn’t mean that the developers of YOWhatsApp haven’t breached several intellectual property rights. Because software is also subject to this kind of law or didn’t you know that?


Is YOWhatsApp safe?

YOWhatsApp is safe, at least we’re not aware of any issues that could prove otherwise. For the time being, there’s no news about this application containing malware or any other behavior relative to the breach of the users’ privacy. However, that doesn’t mean that we can be 100% sure. In fact, we can’t be completely sure about any software development.


Opinions about YOWhatsApp: pros and cons

The different opinions about using a MOD of the likes of YOWhatsApp vary according to its pros and cons and that are usually related with its customization options and functions incorporated regarding the official WhatsApp Messenger and, on the other, with the problems of using it. The editors of Malavida have given their opinion about this app:


How to use YOWhatsApp and how it works

Using YOWhatsApp is very similar to using the official WhatsApp application. It’s a MOD of the official WhatsApp Messenger and allows us to keep in touch with the rest of users of this service. Therefore, we simply have to go to our contact list to start chatting with any of them.


YOWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp: comparison and differences

The differences between the two WhatsApp Messenger MODs, FMWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp, are mainly based on aesthetic criteria. FMWhatsApp offers us more to choose from as it comes along with its own theme store from where we can download plenty of themes to completely change the visual aspect of the application. YOWhatsApp doesn’t have the option as it’s a development based on the original WhatsApp Messenger, although with smoothed out lines.


How to update YOWhatsApp

Updating YOWhatsApp isn’t carried out like the rest of applications that we usually install through the Google Play Stote. Therefore, to be able to get hold of the latest version of one of the best WhatsApp MODs available for Android smartphones, you’ll have to follow these simple instructions:


How to uninstall YOWhatsApp

To be able to uninstall YOWhatsApp, you simply need to carry out exactly the same process that you would do with any other application installed on your Android smartphone. In other words, you have to follow this simple process, step by step:


How to install YOWhatsApp

To be able to install YOWhatsApp, we have to carry out the following process:


What is YOWhatsApp and what's it for?

YOWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD that implements changes and improvements to the official application. It can be used to provide WhatsApp with extra functions. As a MOD of the original app, it’s a development based on its source code, but introducing different modifications. It’s similar to other developments of the likes of WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp, modifying aspects such as the user’s privacy, the interface’s aspect, and the limitations to the files to be sent through the app or the type of formats we can send. To sum up:


November 06, 2018