How to update YOWhatsApp

Updating YOWhatsApp isn’t carried out like the rest of the applications that we usually install through the Google Play Store. We’ll offer you several methods to update your app but before you start you should think about creating a backup of your conversations if you want to keep them, which you probably want to do. When updating, chats are usually kept but you’re better off being cautious.

Go to the Chats section, press the icon with the three vertical dots in the top right corner and select Settings.

Access to YOWhatsApp’s Settings menuAccess to YOWhatsApp’s Settings menu

Access the Chats section.

Access ChatsAccess Chats

Select the Chat backup option.

Access Chat backupAccess Chat backup

Press the green Back Up button.

Press the Back up buttonPress the Back up button

Now that you’ve got a local backup to resort to you can start updating. To begin, go back to the Settings menu on the app’s home screen.

Access to YOWhatsApp’s Settings menuAccess to YOWhatsApp’s Settings menu

Now access Help.

Access the Help sectionAccess the Help section

Press App Info.

Enter App infoEnter App info

Write down the version number that appears on your screen.

Write down the number of the version installedWrite down the number of the version installed

Now that you’ve got the version number, check the version we’re offering on our web. The same as yours? That means that you’re up to date. Are we offering a higher version? In that case, you have to update so start downloading the new APK using the green Download button you’ll find at the end of the page.

Once you launch the installation, the operating system will warn you that you already have the app and will ask you if you want to install an update. Press Install to start the process.

Confirm the installation of the updateConfirm the installation of the update

Once the download and installation have been completed, you’ll see a new notification on your screen confirming the operation. Press Open to open the app once again with all your conversations just where you left them off.

YOWhatsApp’s update completedYOWhatsApp’s update completed

There’s a second method available to check the app and update if necessary. Access YOWhatsApp, go to the Chats section and drop down the menu with the three dots in the top right corner. In this new menu, select YoMods.

Enter YoModsEnter YoMods

Find and access the Updates entry.

Search for the Updates sectionSearch for the Updates section

Tap on Check for updates.

Press Check for updatesPress Check for updates

After a few seconds, the app will show you the corresponding notification and, if necessary, will offer you the possibility to download the new version.

The app will show you whether it’s up-to-date or notThe app will show you whether it’s up-to-date or not

The reason why we have to carry out this operation to update the app can be found in the fact that the application doesn’t resort to Google Play Services to update automatically just like any other app downloaded from the official Android marketplace. That’s because this app isn’t available in the store since it’s an unauthorized development and, therefore, forbidden. That’s part of Google’s policy applied to all developers that want to distribute their creations on this platform.