Software for Vertical Markets on Windows

Control and organize the entire sales process and commercial management of your business or company with this vertical market software for Windows

Video Vision Plus 14.0.07 English

Video Vision Plus 14.0.07

Manage all the aspects of a video store in detail

Download Video Vision
Gesfitness 2008 English

Gesfitness 2008

Manage all the information required to run a sports center

Download Gesfitness
Cyber Control 1.591 English

Cyber Control 1.591

Everything you need to manage a cybercafe

Download Cyber Control
Ciber Boss Client 4.9 English

Ciber Boss Client 4.9

Server to control every PC of a cybercafe

Download Ciber Boss Client
ICafe Server 2005 English

ICafe Server 2005

Manage a cybercafe and control all the computers on a network

Download ICafe Server
SAT 2014 6.11 English

SAT 2014 6.11

A complete tool to manage repair shops

Download SAT
CyberAdmin Free 5.1.1 English

CyberAdmin Free 5.1.1

A complete tool to manage a cybercafe

Download CyberAdmin
Pet Groomer 2.0 English

Pet Groomer 2.0

Run a pet business

Download Pet Groomer