Alfredo Rojas

Alfredo Rojas

Editor at Malavida
About me…

Journalist specialized in video games. I live my life without worries if I have my computer with me, and I think my ideal sleep time is 8 hours. I love reading manga and I am a die-hard One Piece fan. Sometimes I think I overthink things.

I did bad investments in cryptocurrencies, my favorite music band is The Doors, and I think I have a crush on Harry Styles. I got obsessed with the idea of owning a Tesla, which is weird because I do not like to drive (maybe that's why).

Can I go home yet?
Some short questions…
  • What operating system do you prefer or use the most?

    I use and prefer Windows.

  • In your opinion, which is the best mobile operating system?


  • What application is a must on your computer?


  • And on your smartphone?


  • Do you have a favourite game?

    Impossible. I like Nintendo in general. I also play RPGs, City Builder, and Tactical Role-Playing games.

  • Fond of social networks? Which is your favourite?

    Of course. What I use the most is YouTube, so I will stick with that one.

  • If you had to choose, which would you say has been the greatest technological invention of the last century?

    The Internet.

  • Who do you consider has contributed most towards the development of software?

    Bill Gates.

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