Nacho Grosso

Nacho Grosso

About me…

I am Nacho Grosso, and my relationship with technology has gone from mistrust to passion. I spend lots of time getting the most out of the apps and programs that I use in my environment, being aware of the impact they have on our daily lives. But always with responsible use.

On the other hand, and in contrast, I love to escape to remote places where technology does not reach, whether it is the bottom of a cliff, a forest, or a meadow. When technology is chasing me, I run faster!

No matter what you do, always do it with passion.
Some short questions…
  • What operating system do you prefer or use the most?

    I love macOS as well as iOS, although I am not a Windows or Android hater.

  • In your opinion, which is the best mobile operating system?

    iOS, for its simplicity.

  • What application is a must on your computer?

    Spark, my favorite email client, and it is free!

  • And on your smartphone?

    Spotify, music must always be with me.

  • Do you have a favourite game?

    I have spent many hours in front of Flight Simulator.

  • Fond of social networks? Which is your favourite?

    A lot, but if I have to choose one, it would be Instagram.

  • If you had to choose, which would you say has been the greatest technological invention of the last century?

    It is clear to me, the Internet.

  • Who do you consider has contributed most towards the development of software?

    There is no hesitation in admitting that it was Bill Gates. He democratized computer science.

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