TutuApp is an alternative store to the App Store that provides modified applications and video games to obtain additional functions, improvements, and advantages over other users. Of course, it is not possible to get it through official means, as it is in direct contravention of Apple's terms and conditions of use.

Now, is it necessary to have jailbreak to use it? Currently, we can divide the TutuApp application into three versions. Only one of them needs jailbreak to work.

  • TutuApp Lite. This is a limited version of TutuApp. Although it is installed using certificates or profiles, its operation is based on the web version of the TutuApp catalog. Therefore, it is a safe application, but also unable to install software on its own.
  • TutuApp. The normal version of TutuApp is installed via an IPA file. To install this type of file on iOS devices, it is essential to have jailbreak. The network indeed shows some processes to install applications with IPA that do not require jailbreak. However, after several tests, we, at Malavida, cannot confirm that they actually work.
  • TutuApp VIP. After installing TutuApp Lite and tapping on the download button of any application, you will be redirected to the official TutuApp website. There, you will find the VIP section, offering access to the entire catalog of modified applications for a subscription fee. In this case, jailbreaking is not necessary either, as it works by registering the device as a developer account. This process removes the restriction on the installation of unauthorized applications.

In short, only in case you want to install TutuApp with the IPA file, you will need to jailbreak it. However, that does not mean that the other options, especially TutuApp VIP, are completely secure. Actually, the best thing you can do is to get upgrades to your games and apps through the official store, the App Store.