In this article, we present a battle between two of the most popular WhatsApp MODS: GBWhatsApp vs. YOWhatsApp. Are there any notable differences between the two applications? To find out, we analyzed different aspects of both apps and will tell you everything we discovered. We will look at, among other things, the settings panel, the options displayed on the main screen, and the interface.

GBWhatsApp vs. YOWhatsApp, comparison: which of the two MODS is better

Before proceeding, you should know that both GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp are based on the official WhatsApp application. Their main objective is to add functionalities and tools to the platform that are not present in the official app. For example, with MODS, it is possible to schedule messages or send mass messages.

In recent years, various WhatsApp MODS have appeared on the web that, theoretically, provide different functionalities. However, in practice, many of them are clones of FMWhatsApp. This is what seems to be happening with GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp. As you read the article, you will realize that both applications are practically identical. In fact, we can tell you that we could not find any notable difference between them.

To compare them, we will focus on the following sections:

GBWhatsApp vs. YOWhatsApp: interface, theme, and customization

From now on, all the attached images show the GBWhatsApp interface on the left and the YOWhatsApp one on the right. It is important to remember this because most images correspond to sections that look identical in both apps.

Having said that, it is time to talk about the interface. After the initial setup, you will quickly realize that the two MODs are identical. In fact, we have been struck by the fact that the advertisement displayed at the top is the same.

Its main screen includes the same elements and functions. In the context menu, new settings are added that are not present in the official app, such as sending mass messages or scheduling messages. You will also find the famous Mods section, which we already know from other MODS, such as WhatsApp Plus or FMWhatsApp. When you tap the action button, which in WhatsApp is used to compose a new message, shortcuts to the subject selector and other sections of the app appear. Finally, there is also a shortcut to the airplane mode and the dark mode in the top bar.

The interface os both apps is almost identical, except for the headingThe interface os both apps is almost identical, except for the heading

The customization options found in both apps are the same. As we have seen, in the past, YOWhatsApp had its own theme selector. However, it is currently the same one found in the rest of the MODS based on FMWhatsApp. Even the number of available themes is the same, over 4000.

We can say that the most notable difference is the references to the name of each MOD. Both the names GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp appear in the settings menu and on the main screen. Believe it or not, this is one of the few divergent details between the two applications.

GBWhatsApp vs. YOWhatsApp: functions and features

We have done a lot of browsing through the settings menus of GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp. In doing so, the feeling we had at the beginning (that both MODs are actually two FMWhatsApp clones) has taken hold. The same functions, tools, and options are found in every entry.

The options menu of GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp is identicalThe options menu of GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp is identical

In the image above, you can see that, except for the app name, the list of entries in the Mods menu is exactly the same. With both, it is possible to install themes, prevent statuses from disappearing, prevent others from calling you, or freeze the time of the last connection. Obviously, these are just some of the possibilities of these MODS, which are also able to send messages to several contacts at the same time or enable an airplane mode exclusive to the app.

The point is that, again, there is no reason to choose one or the other. The two applications offer the same, both on their main screen and in the settings menu.

GBWhatsApp vs. YOWhatsApp: chats and calls

The interface for chats and calls is also identical. In the image below, you can corroborate that there are no differences whatsoever. As in the rest of the guide, the screenshot on the left corresponds to GBWhatsApp and the one on the right to YOWhatsApp.

This is the aspect of the chats in both appsThis is the aspect of the chats in both apps

Regarding this section, you can enjoy added features such as integrated translation in the chat or sending large files. As you can imagine, this is something that FMWhatsApp and the rest of the mods based on this app also offer. What we mean to say is that unless you apply changes via themes or from the settings panel, you will not be able to see any difference between the two applications.

GBWhatsApp vs. YOWhatsApp: settings and configuration

In terms of settings and configurations, we continue with the same dynamics as the previous sections of this guide. We found no notable differences between the two applications. GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp offer the same mods panel, meaning both feature the same sections and options.

The same goes for the privacy and security menu: they are identicalThe same goes for the privacy and security menu: they are identical

Let's take the Privacy and Security section as an example. In the image above, it is easy to see that the elements inside are the same. We assure you that the two screenshots shown correspond to different applications. Whether you install one MOD or the other, you can enjoy advanced customization features, the ability to hide statuses, advanced privacy customization, and much more.

GBWhatsApp vs. YOWhatsApp: support and updates

Before we talk about security and privacy, let's dwell for a moment on support and updates. For starters, both MODs have a built-in updater, so you do not have to download the corresponding APK every time a new version is released. It is located in Mods > Updates. There is a button named Check for Updates that is responsible for finding the most recent version of the MOD.

The same update systemThe same update system

The latest version of GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp is 20.82.02. We can confirm that both applications are updated at the same time and that their internal update system works perfectly.

Regarding support, it is hard to know who is behind both MODs. Reportedly, developer Yousef Al Basha is the one who originally came up with YOWhatsApp. However, some websites indicate that he has abandoned the project, and now it is Fouad Mokdad, creator of FMWhatsApp, who is in charge of it. But, to complicate matters further, if we go to Mods > Updates > Download Website, both MODs lead to the same page. Furthermore, in the About section, both apps credit the same people.

GBWhatsApp vs. YOWhatsApp: security and privacy

Finally, let's talk about security and privacy. We would love to say that there are differences between the two apps and that one is more secure and private than the other. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Both GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp are applications that illegitimately modify the official WhatsApp application. Although the APKs we offer you in Malavida are free of viruses, we cannot assure you that they do not include code designed to spy on you or steal your account. On the other hand, it is good to remember that WhatsApp does not allow access to its platform using third-party applications. In other words, if the system detects the use of a MOD, you could be temporarily or permanently banned from the platform.

Except for tests or experiments with secondary accounts, we do not recommend using your profile with any WhatsApp MOD. It is best to use the official application, even if that means losing some advanced features.