Although getting superuser privileges on an Android device grants you new levels of options, the truth is that this process presents some inconveniences. One of the biggest problems with a rooted device is that many important applications stop working. For example, you may no longer be able to access your bank's official app, or you may not be able to play popular games such as Pokémon Go.

Here is where Magisk Manager works its magic. This versatile root tool features MagiskHide, a system that hides the fact that the device has been rooted. Therefore, all applications, regardless of type, will return to normal operation. Activating this function is very simple. The first thing you must do is open Magisk Manager, and once you are in the main screen, tap on the cogwheel that you will find in the upper right corner.

Open Magisk Manager’s settingsOpen Magisk Manager’s settings

In the application settings list, look for the MagiskHide option, located under the Magisk statement. Activate the function using the slider on the right.

Enable MagiskHideEnable MagiskHide

Once this is done, go to the main page and tap on the Superuser section of the lower menu.

SuperUser sectionSuperUser section

Then, tap on MagiskHide.

MagiskHide in the SuperUser menuMagiskHide in the SuperUser menu

Finally, choose the applications you want to hide root access to.

List of apps to hide rootList of apps to hide root

After taking these steps, the root access will be hidden from the selected applications.

Additionally, Magisk Manager offers other interesting functions. For example, it has an extensive database of modules that you can use to customize your device to the maximum. Currently, this root permission manager is the most popular. In fact, it is one of the few apps that still receive support and updates. However, it is not possible to download its installation file from Google Play. So, if you want to do it simply and safely, use the link below to start the download from our servers.