Magisk Manager is a totally safe application Today, this is the most popular rooting service and is recommended by the developer community over and over again. Of course, downloading and installing it does not put the integrity of our phone or operating system at risk. However, we must make some clarifications.

Although the application is safe and free of malicious code, the rooting process that must be done previously can weaken the security of Android. Also, thanks to Magisk Manager, we can install modules to further customize our device. You should also note that there is no verification process to confirm that these additions are totally safe.

You should not forget the fact that this tool is not available in Google Play. Therefore, its download must be done from external sources. Many of these Internet sites can pretend to be official pages that actually try to infect our device with malicious software.

Finally, you must think about the risks involved in getting superuser privileges on Android. Once you have obtained superuser privileges, the entire storage system is exposed. This is especially dangerous when you make changes to sensitive files and do not have the necessary knowledge. Also, after rooting a device, many users install applications that ask for those permissions and they are not always what they seem. Do not forget that a wrong modification in the wrong file can ruin your device forever.

In short, Magisk Manager is an application that does not put at risk the integrity of your device. However, it gives access to modules, applications, and the modification of sensitive files that in some cases, can become a real problem.