This is what the editorial staff of Malavida has told us about TutuApp:

Lauriane Guilloux

The truth is that I have never downloaded an application on TutuApp. Yes, it is true that the store interface is great and is easy to use, but to download applications I prefer to use other stores like Malavida or the official App Store. What is special about this alternative store is that it lets the user download modified applications without the consent of the developers or download free applications that are usually paid for. Contributing to this type of practice does not seem necessary or ethical to me; usually, applications are not exorbitantly priced, also developers need to receive a salary at the end of the month.

Héctor Hernández

The main advantage I find is to download apps that are not in the official store, but for that, we already have Malavida, and here, we have more guarantees. It is clear that many apps are not offered on specific sites and can only be found in this type of store, so they should be an option to consider. However, you have to be careful if you do not know exactly what you are downloading, this is the main disadvantage: you will end up downloading something that does not work or is not what you are looking for. That is why it is better to opt for our website, for that we try to test absolutely everything so that you will always find what you want.

Antony Peel

Truth be told, one of the few places I would download an iPhone or iPad app from other than iTunes. It was about time that iOS users had an alternative store where they could download modified versions of their favorite apps and games. That said, it is not as easy to install and use as it seems, and on Android, we have many more alternatives if we want to download any application outside the radar of the official store.

Elies Guzmán

If I have to choose an iPhone app store other than the App Store, I honestly prefer to stick with Malavida. Mostly because everything that can be downloaded has gone through a verification process that ensures that they are safe applications. Now, it is true that TutuApp is a better iOS app store than most and will catch our attention, especially of those who are looking for modified apps and games. That is, there are paid apps that can be downloaded for free; I do not think that is right, but when it comes to morals, to each its own. Also, we must be very careful with everything we download from unofficial sites.

Edgar Otero

The use of such tools is generally neither safe nor ethical. On the one hand, modified applications may contain malicious code, viruses, or other types of programs that put your device and your personal information at risk. Also, many of the modified apps and games try to circumvent integrated payments and offer advantages over other players, which hurts developers and the final game experience. However, from TutuApp you can also get some tools that are not available in the App Store. But, I am not sure that the effort to install this store (in its full version requires jailbreak) is really worth it.