The free and open-source alternative to Microsoft's Office 365 Excel is called OpenOffice Calc. This spreadsheet processor can be found within the set of apps that make up the OpenOffice office suite.

What does it mean that this is open source? Because OpenOffice calc is constantly evolving: any user can implement improvements that can then be enjoyed by everyone who needs a spreadsheet for free.

With this tool, we can, in general terms, manipulate both numeric and alphanumeric data and perform any type of mathematical operation.

The main features of OpenOffice Calc are the following:

  • We will be able to export our spreadsheets to PDF, HTML, CSV, and PostScript formats.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Excel: in this way, we will be able to open, edit, and save spreadsheets that we have created with the Microsoft application.
  • Create simulations with the Scenarios option to have data forecasts in different situations.
  • Grouping pivot tables to facilitate the use of raw data, cross-referencing, and summarizing them to obtain relevant information.
  • Functions for creating formulas to perform complex data operations.
  • Macros to record and execute repetitive tasks.
  • Mechanical diagrams in 2D and 3D.
  • Password protection of spreadsheets
  • Spelling check
  • Application of styles. and formats that let the user make the cells more flexible: these include, among others, content rotation, templates, backgrounds, borders, etc.
  • Insertion of graphic elements to enrich documents
  • Multi-user support encourages collaborative work and thus shares work with other users.
  • We can sort the data dumped on the sheet according to certain previously selected criteria.
  • Supports symbols, diagrams, hyperlinks, bookmarks, forms, formulas, etc.