An application included in the OpenOffice office suite, Draw offers the user the possibility to create and edit vector graphics and diagrams. It is a tool, like Office, Calc, or Impress, open-source, and free, and we can equate it to CorelDRAW.

Thanks to OpenOffice Draw, the user will be able to obtain graphics and diagrams with a technical and professional profile, from a quick draft to a complex plan. You will have the necessary tools to communicate information in an eminently visual way and design pages of up to 3x3 meters.

Besides, we have in OpenOffice Draw a large number of resources through Open Clip Art, a collection of vector clip arts (flags, icons, banners, drawings, etc.) that we can then use freely for any of our projects.

OpenOffice Draw has, among others, the following features for the user:

  • Fully compatible with SVG format, a vector graphics standard
  • We will be able to import and export graphics in the main available formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc.
  • It also features PDF export and OpenDocument format, based on XML so that it can be opened in any compatible program.
  • We have at our disposal our own gallery of images to be able to use them freely within our projects.
  • Manipulation of 2D and 3D objects (spheres, rings, cubes, etc.) using a specific controller.
  • Great flexibility in the use of connectors: thanks to them, we will be able to create graphics and drawings that adapt perfectly to our initial idea.

As with the rest of OpenOffice applications, Draw is constantly evolving and improving: thanks to the fact that it is open-source, we can count on updates, developed by the users themselves, that improve our experience with the program.